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K12: K12 means kindergarten to the 12th grade of studies. In this widely expanded field, students are going to have a much more fun and engaging way of studying, in addition to the best and highest quality student assistance with us.

Education with fun videos

There are so many benefits that an engaging video can provide, such as visual and auditory learning, flexible accessibility, diversity of content, and leveled up engagement with animated character graphics.
Holy book of the Koran on the stand ramadan kareem background

Islamic education

Islamic Education Provides Individuals With Knowledge about their Faith, Helping them deepen their Spiritual Connection With Allah. It Teaches the principles of Islam ,The Holy Quran ,The Life and Teaching of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and other essential aspects of the religion.

Learn the life history of prophet, Shaba and Shabaiyat along with the dua series.

The Prophet , Sahaba , Sahabiyat and Dua Series offer valuable insights into the lives of the Prophet mention in Quran and lives of the companions of the Prophet Muhmmad (SAW). They serve as role model, providing Inspiration for Personal growth and Spirituality.
About Us

We Teach Smart Way To Build Bright Future For Your Children

we recognize the importance of cultural studies in shaping well-rounded students who can thrive in diverse environments. That is why we offer a range of resources and programs with the best knowledge and teachings related to Islamic and K12 education.

Our Islamic education program aims to provide learners with a deep understanding of the fundamental principles and values of Islam. We believe that through education, individuals can better understand and appreciate the rich history, culture, and traditions of Islam.

Our K12 program is based on the NCERT pattern, which is a recognized and trusted education system in India. Our team of experienced educators and subject matter experts have designed our K12 program to provide learners with a comprehensive and well-rounded education that prepares them for success in both academic and real-world settings.

We believe that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status, and we strive to make our resources affordable and widely available.

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We Have Lot’s Of Experienced Teacher To Teach The Students

Swati Singh

English Teacher
6 Year + Experience

Amandeep dagur

Hindi Teacher
3 year + Experience

Humaid Hassan Sab

Islamic Teacher
10 year + Experience

Fatima Geety Afreen

Math Teacher
4 year + Experience
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Taj Mahal, luxury building in India
Putra Mosque
The beautiful Suleymaniye Camii in Istanbul, Turkey.
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